Michigan Radio: Silicon Valley leader tells Michigan progressives to use more economic power to push for change

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February 22, 2017
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May 16, 2017

Sanberg joined Stateside to talk about how we should use all of the tools in the toolbox, from politics and public policy to philanthropy, to solve problems. That said, he thinks we should start out by using business as a force for good.

“If you look over the past 30 years, the progressive movement hasn’t utilized business as a force for good,” Sanberg said. “Our interaction with business has been only in setting regulations. And setting regulations for business is really important. What also is important is the kind of businesses that exist.”

“I think in particular, Gen-X and Millennials believe what business does matters,” he added. “That there ought to be a different standard for business leadership. It ought not to be what can you do as a business person, it ought to be what should you do as a business person.”

Read more and listen to the full interview at Michigan Radio here.

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