OZY: Democrats Turn to an Unlikely Ally: Big Business

Orange County Register: First-time state tax credit aids thousands of O.C. families
August 29, 2016
Orange County Register: Most Influential 2016 — Joseph Sanberg connects the working poor to California’s earned income tax credit
December 24, 2016

Yes, in the year that Republicans discovered a public appetite for a certain real estate mogul, some Democrats believe they need to get more businessmen advancing their causes. To find a face for this movement, look no further than Joseph Sanberg, who delivered a speech at the NewDEAL conference:

“We’re coming off this era where capitalism has been kidnapped by this godlessness that treats people like mathematical variables of consumption and production. What a time to look really hard as progressives to create both regulation and stimulate the creation of great companies that are proactively solving problems.”

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