Joe Sanberg Launches Media Campaign to Honor California’s Working Heroes

Joe’s remarks at Netroots Nation 2017
August 28, 2017
California Today: 2 Billion for the Taking
October 6, 2017


3 out of 4 People Work Hard yet can’t Afford Basic Needs



Los Angeles, CA:  Today, progressive entrepreneur Joseph N. Sanberg launched a statewide media campaign to engage Californians to fight for those who work hard yet still don’t earn enough to afford their basic needs.  At a time when so many communities are under assault from the federal government, Working Hero is an initiative to elevate their experiences and support the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) — the best and most proven way to fight financial stress by actually putting money back in the pockets of working people.

The statewide digital media buy starts today and will run throughout California and can be viewed here: The ad will also direct viewers to the website that can be seen in four languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

“The purpose of Working Hero is to change our culture — a broken culture that diminishes and downplays hard work and the people who do that work,” said Sanberg, whose working mom raised him by herself.  “As Californians, as Americans, we are united around the common experience of financial difficulty and the daily uncertainty of being able to provide for ourselves and our families.  Yet our political establishment has forgotten about this majority of people who don’t have lobbyists to fight for them.  Working Hero seeks to advance the agenda of the 3 out of 4 people who are working hard but can’t afford their basic needs without constant worry.  We can and will change our culture, and where better to start than here in California.”

In the first two years of California’s EITC, over $2 billion in state and federal tax credits have been put back in the pockets of the lowest income Californians. This year, the service organization created by Sanberg, CalEITC4Me, won a major legislative victory to bring the EITC to more of our hard-working neighbors. Next year, 1.7 million families in the Golden State will be able to earn the EITC, nearly triple the number who were eligible this year.  

Joe, a progressive entrepreneur who is working through both the public and private sectors to make people’s lives better, has been California’s leading advocate for the earned income tax credit.   Read more about Joe here.                                                           


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