Capital Main: Getting the Word About the Earned Income Tax Credit to Working Families

Public News Service: Nevada Progressive Groups Rally the Faithful This Weekend
January 6, 2017
Sacramento Bee: California wants to give a tax credit to the working poor but some people aren’t signing up
February 22, 2017

Sanberg founded CalEITC4Me to fill the first-year information gap. CalEITC4Me works by partnering with local community groups already working with low-income families. Taxpayers can use the tax prep locator on the website to find organizations offering free tax help. He says a family of four with a $14,000 income can recover as much as $2,000 from the state and $4,000 from the feds.

There’s another advantage: Tax filers avoid the tax preparers who offer quick-cash “refunds” on the day they file that are actually usurious loans with interest rates that can range from 40 percent to over 700 percent.

“We’re reaching the hardest working families in California who are gripped with severe economic anxiety. We’re bringing people needed money to pay for clothes, food, shelter and transportation. The real core mission of CalEITC4Me is to bring economic security to California’s working families.”

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