Meet Joe

J oseph N. Sanberg is a progressive entrepreneur on a mission to end poverty.
As a steward of the movement to pass the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families in California, Joe founded CalEITC4Me, which helps millions of low-income California families claim the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits, putting more than $4 billion back in their pockets. Most recently, he successfully advocated for the passage of new legislation that extends access to the credits to low-wage immigrant workers.
Joe is the co-founder of, a socially conscious online financial company that enables customers to choose their own fee levels on checking and investment accounts, and offers managed funds that are 100% fossil-fuel-free.
Joe also serves on the board of the Sierra Club Foundation, the Economic Innovation Group, City Year Los Angeles, and the Jefferson Awards Foundation, which engages over 1 million young people each year in volunteerism and public service. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the University of California, Riverside School of Public Policy.

He also manages Working Hero PAC, a people-powered political organization dedicated to electing candidates who have a plan to end America’s outrageous levels of income inequality.
Joe was raised by his mom in Southern California.



When we’re living in a constant state of financial stress, we can’t be our best selves and live as we were meant to live.
I know first-hand what financial stress can do to a family. I grew up in a low-income household. My mother worked so hard to create a better life for me and my brother, and I was so fortunate to get a ton of financial aid to go to Harvard at a time when our house was being foreclosed upon.
But there are millions of kids growing up today who will not have the same good luck that I had. The opportunities that people have in life shouldn’t be the result of luck.
That’s why I’m committed to bringing financial security to everyone. If you believe as I do that our lives have meaning, and every human being has value, then we all ought to be able to live to our full human potential.
This is the moral calling of our time, and the charge of our generation. We know how to bring financial security to everyone – all we’re lacking is the will.